• victoriagallimore

Cherry Vintage

I started Cherry Vintage back in 2014 born from a love if interiors and design. I had a corporate job back then but after studying textiles and design and coming from a family of creative people, my wonderful grandfather was a talented artist and encouraged me to be creative from a young age so it's always been a huge part of me. I felt like I was putting off the inevitable and after a bit of encouragement from my very lovely and patient fiancee. I decided to go for it and retrain in upholstering. I haven't looked back and consider myself very lucky. I LOVE what I do!

I started off selling vintage furniture, handmade furnishings and my upholstery at artisan markets around London. I quickly built up a client base through word of mouth which was wonderful and validated my feeling of 'I've done the right thing here'!

Shortly after starting my little business we bought our first cottage, a Victorian Terrace in a leafy part of London. It was a tiny two up, two down with postage stamp garden but it was ours and for the first time I could really indulge my love of interiors! We started renovating that little cottage the day we moved in! All our hard work paid off and it was featured in a couple of interior magazines which I was so proud of as we literally did everything ourselves with some help from both our dads and on a tiny budget.

Fast forward to 2021, after taking a break with my two little ones and relocating out of London to our little slice of countryside in West Sussex. I'm now back making again and online this time to be more accessible and manage the juggle of work and small children. You will find my handmade, one off upholstered pieces on the website. I adore British designers like Peony & Sage and I also love to use vintage linens for my furnishings. Along side my handmade items you'll find Home and Garden vintage decor and dried flower wreaths grown from my cottage garden. I've also indulged my love of children's interiors inspired by my littles ones nurseries. My children have always been the centre of my business and have come along for the ride, my son Huxley went to his first buying trip to an antique market at 8 weeks old! My daughter now loves coming with me since her older brothers started school, they both have a pretty good eye!