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Lichen Moss Wreath. 


This beautiful everlasting Lichen wreath is made up of hundreds of pieces of fallen Lichen collected from our country garden and surrounding forest. Lichen is one of the oldest organisums on the plant and through out history this beautiful moss has been used in clothing and decoration. It thrives in clean air and we are so  lucky to have an abundance. The stunning colours vary from silvers, greys to greens. This wreath is dried and everlasting. 


I either grow or source my flower locally and I make the wreath base from our hedgerows so my wreaths are completely sustainable and have no air miles to them. This wreath will last for years with the colours changing beautifully over time.


I advise not to hang the wreath in direct sunlight as this will fade the colours. Also this is an indoor wreath. Dried wreaths wont do well in damp or humid conditions. 


Measurements: 25cms 


Delivery 3-4 working days. Postage £3.95


Lichen Wreath

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